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Candace and George { Sarasota Wedding Photpgrapher }

I’ve never seen tears like Candice’s

They came so quickly, one right after another, that they didn’t run down her face but they tumbled over her cheekbones like free falling swarovrski crystals. The sun caught them and everyone in the audience, even those in the back row, could see them glitter as they fell.
Those tears came as George read the vows he wrote himself to her. I saw them come later during her father’s toast to them both.
The amazing thing about Candace and George is that even though they are both extremely accomplished, they don’t wear their success like a polished brass badge. They have each have PhDs but are extremely approachable, kind, and easy. It is clear to anyone that meets them and speaks to them for just a few moments that their success comes not from competitiveness, but from a deep-seated and superlative quality of character.
People this accomplished, yet so humble, end up as unwitting charismatics.  Unconsciously but irresistibly winning you over with every graceful word and knowing smile.
It seemed like everyone in the reception pavilion were their cheerleaders, smitten by their beauty, admirers of their history, and giddy for their future. No wonder they had family and friends come from as far away as Sweden, Austrailia and even China for their wedding. It was an amazing and gorgeous thing to behold, and Casey and I were simply swept up into it.



Wedding ceremony & reception held at The Ritz-Carlton Member’s Beach Club, coordinated by the very on-top-of-it Jacey Wood

Bride’s stunning gown by Jorge Perez de la Habana

Bridesmaid’s sunny yellow dresses by J. Crew

Bride’s sparkling jewelry by Nadri

Vincent Dickenson of J. Goodley Entertainment played steel drums for the ceremony

DJ Fitz Otis provided the music for the reception